Extended borders

Border guard agencies are repeatedly facing situations related to various unauthorized activities on state borders that require an immediate response from border guards.

In most cases, national boundaries and mountain passes have little to no access to infrastructure, reducing the possibility of detecting and identifying intrusions and taking necessary actions in a timely manner.

Extended borders


Our goal is to provide an early warning about the intrusion by detecting, identifying, and classifying the intruder ahead of time.

The solution should include the approach to reduce the false alarm rate to lessen the number and frequency of border patrols.


Omtrex SNG unattended ground sensors (UGS) provide reliable and continuous monitoring and surveillance of boundaries located in rugged mountain terrain and harsh climates.

SNG seismic sensors are lined up and buried underground in such a way that their circular detection zones overlap and create continuous, hidden protection along the boundary. The SNG processes alarms itself to effectively eliminate false alarms. In some cases, the system's concealed installation can be an even greater advantage.

Alarm data is transmitted over long distances through a mesh radio network to a command centre or a control room.

The system can be supplemented with drones for real-time mapping, tracking and monitoring. The operator can use the locations of ground sensors to make a flying route for a drone. The drone reaches the location of trespassing as soon as one or several ground sensors start transmitting alarms.

Autonomous operation of the Omtrex system for up to 5 years and wireless data transfer make it the only possible solution for areas with no access to infrastructure. Additionally, Omtrex seismic sensors are buried underground and form an invisible fence, being tamper-resistant and causing no erosion to the terrain or threatening to human beings.


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