Sens-Őr Solutions is a Hungarian R&D and manufacturing company offering a wide range of security products and solutions to industry and law enforcement.

We have been building our company on the knowledge and decades of experience of our staff, partners, and customers.

The company develops and produces modular and wireless Omtrex unattended ground sensor (UGS) systems for ongoing surveillance and monitoring of continuous areas and perimeters, as well as securing key locations that lack communication and infrastructure.

We drive progress towards a safer world by meeting the security needs of our customers with cutting-edge, effective solutions.

As loyal and committed partners, we have a customer-first mindset to create a great customer experience through ongoing collaboration and communication during the project: from demonstrations, training programs, and marketing activities, to field surveys, technical design and implementation, export expertise, sales, and 24/7 technical support.

Sens-Őr Products
Omtrex product
Unattended Ground Sensor System

Omtrex® is a wireless, scalable, and modular unattended ground sensor (UGS) system for detection, classification, and identification of human activities and movements of vehicles in isolated areas lacking communication and infrastructure.

Omtrex Compact product
Omtrex Compact
Unattended Ground Sensor System

The Omtrex® Compact Unattended Ground Sensor System is an ugs security solution featuring miniature ground sensors for instant protection and various law enforcement scenarios, including counter-terrorism operations and operations against illegal drug distribution and trafficking.

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