Perimeter security

Industrial facilities located in isolated areas are exposed to various unauthorized activities, including unauthorized access, asset and materials theft, raids and need proper perimeter security even during power outages.

Perimeter security


Our goal is to provide an early warning of intrusions at the approach routes to your facility, located in an isolated area, as well as during power outages.

The system should offer integration with the CCTV systems, installed at the site.


Omtrex SNG seismic sensors form the first security level. The sensors are lined up and buried underground at a distance from the facility fence.

This first security line serves as an early warning of biped or motorized intruders who are approaching the site. A triggered seismic sensor activates the CCTV system, so that the operator has the situation under control during the day and at night.

Narrow approaching routes and paths in the wooded area are additionally secured by SNIR infrared sensors, giving early warning of an approaching intruder.

SNM microwave sensors with external power supplies are fixed on the main fence and protect the facility uninterruptedly even during power blackouts. Microwave sensors create a continuous secure line along the perimeter and provide alarm information about the section of the fence the intruder is climbing over.


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