Penetration routes

Sometimes it is not necessary to form a secure line along the whole section of a state border due to the roughness and absolute inaccessibility of its terrain. Border guard agencies' attention is drawn to specific, accessible locations of the state border such as mountain passes, natural gates, and corridors that act like penetration routs to trespassers.

Penetration routes


Our goal is to provide an absolutely hidden security solution to detect and verify the presence of violators moving along specific, accessible locations of the state border and determine the direction of their movement.


Omtrex SNG ground sensors are installed underground at the foot of the mountain or a gorge. Therefore, the sensors are completely invisible to intruders moving along the mountain pass.

Once an intruder enters the detection zone of the ground sensor, the SNG triggers the VPH unattended photo camera. The VPH then records the fact of the intrusion and sends photo confirmation and an alarm signal to the control room.

In this case, the operator can assess and then verify the number of violators and their movement direction, reducing the false alarm rate to zero.

With Omtrex C4I command-and-control software, the operator can monitor multiple locations simultaneously. For enhanced visual analytics, the system is supplemented by special cloud-based software for the VPH to store and access the images from anywhere in the world.


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