Mining facilities

Mining sites have always been a target for violators. Extractive companies temporarily store their expensive equipment near open cast mines situated in remote areas. The location at this point significantly complicates the security issues.

Mining facilities


Our goal is to provide the security solution for equipment storage by early warning about the intrusion from various directions: a barely visible forest path and a vehicular road. An additional aim is to classify the type of intrusion of a human or a vehicle.


Omtrex SNG-C compact seismic sensors provide flexible monitoring and surveillance of assets located in isolated areas. In this case, several SNG-Cs are installed underground or on the ground in the driveway to the facility. The approaching vehicle triggers the SNG-C, which in turn informs the operator about the intrusion promptly.

The hidden installation of the SNIR infrared sensor on a tree allows detection of pedestrian intruders coming from heavily wooded areas.

Additionally, the mining equipment itself is protected by SNM microwave sensors, mounted on tripods around the perimeter of the storage.

Alarm signals from all Omtrex sensors are transmitted to the CPR portable receiver and a local control room. It allows security personnel to take appropriate security measures in time.


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