Combating drugs

During operations against illegal drug distribution, law enforcement agencies (LEA) need additional security support and intelligence. Such an invisible and vigilant assistant can be irreplaceable during the execution of short-term missions when time and awareness are especially important.

Combating drugs


Our goal is to provide enhanced situational awareness during special operations to law enforcement officers by detecting drug-traffickers and their routes, collecting intelligence, and verifying their actions from a distance.


CGS ground sensors are installed underground on forest trails and approaches to the potential violator’s route. The CGS is able to detect and classify bipedal or motorized violators.

On one of the trails, the CBS breakwire sensor’s microwire is stretched between the trees. While walking along this trail, the violator breaks a barely noticeable microwire. The CBS is able to trigger a CCT camera trap and inform the operator about the approaching violator, verifying his actions.

The CCT camera trap is also activated by a triggered CGS sensor or upon the operator’s command. The CCT provides photo verification of violations and instantly transmits alarm signals and images to the CCU control unit.


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