Unattended Ground Sensor System
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Omtrex® is a wireless, scalable, and modular unattended ground sensor (UGS) system for detection, classification, and identification of human activities and movements of vehicles in isolated areas lacking communication and infrastructure.

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Unattended Ground Sensor System
Mesh network

Omtrex implies a self-organizing communication & protection line and instant device-to-device (D2D) data transmission between system equipment, so that devices act as communication nodes in a mesh network.


Omtrex equipment operates on primary or rechargeable external batteries that ensure lasting autonomous system operation.


Omtrex is an IP and MIL-STD rated security system featuring outstanding detection capabilities due to AI signal processing onboard of Omtrex sensors, false alarm mitigation, field-proven technology, and hidden installation on any type of terrain.

Rapid system deployment

Omtrex is an easy-to-use, modular and concealed security solution, so that the sensors can be deployed in a few hours due to their light weight and small size, requiring no special tools during the deployment.


Omtrex offers packaged integration solutions with IP devices, including third-party CCTV and PTZ systems, as well as with complex surveillance solutions on hardware and software levels.


Omtrex combines unattended ground sensors of seismic, microwave, and passive infrared (PIR) into a self-healing mesh radio network for instant protection in any environment. The sensors' advanced detection capabilities feature accurate AI signal processing onboard of the device that efficiently filters out false alarms caused by animals or acts of nature.

Sensors relay alerts and data to each other and then to a command centre or a portable receiver. Each sensor is supplied with antennas of various communication ranges and non-rechargeable or rechargeable external battery packs.

System administration

Omtrex offers several types of receivers to effectively monitor the system over long distances and during short missions: Omtrex C4I software offers enhanced analytics for remote system monitoring, surveillance, and system administration, while the CPR handheld receiver installs and monitors the system hardware on site.

Omtrex C4I system administration software collects and stores alarm and service data from the sensors and displays them on a digital map.

Omtrex offers integration with conventional CCTV systems and PTZ cameras through its Omtrex IP Video Management software, providing, managing, and storing video feeds to the operator's workstation.

Communication & Integration

All system devices are automatically arranged into a mesh network, enabling secure data transmission and system management locally or over long distances. To suit a wide spectrum of communication ranges, the system utilizes various types of antennas.

Omtrex is compatible with several data link technologies, including the UHF 433 MHz band, GSM/UMTS, Ethernet.

Omtrex easily integrates with third-party CCTV systems and PTZ cameras for enhanced visual surveillance. It also offers tailored integration with advanced surveillance systems such as C4ISR on hardware and software levels.

Omtrex communication and integration
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