Omtrex Compact

Unattended Ground Sensor System
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The Omtrex® Compact Unattended Ground Sensor System is a unique security solution featuring miniature ground sensors for instant protection and various law enforcement activities, including counter-terrorism operations and operations against illegal drug distribution and trafficking.

Omtrex Compact
Unattended Ground Sensor System
Ad-hoc network

All Omtrex Compact sensors instantly organize themselves into an ad hoc wireless network to share alarm and service data with the wearable control unit (CCU) in real time.

Easy to operate and deploy

All sensor data is displayed on the CCU control panel, and sensor settings can be adjusted remotely in a matter of minutes. The sensors can be well concealed at the system deployment location.

Ultimate situational awareness

Omtrex Compact provides ultimate situational awareness during law enforcement operations, supplying your security personnel with instant and comprehensive intelligence.

Miniature one-piece sensor design

System hardware is presented in a one-piece design. Each sensor weighs less than 0.4 kg, so you can carry a set of Omtrex Compact in a backpack.

Powered by standard-size batteries

Omtrex Compact equipment is powered by a single pack of hot-swappable, primary, or rechargeable AA batteries. This ensures the best system performance at all times during your mission.


Omtrex Compact features a set of miniature seismic, breakwire sensors and unattended photo cameras designed for rapid deployment, instant protection, and intelligence gathering.

Miniature repeaters organize a radio network and enhance the communication range between system nodes. The sensor set can be carried in a backpack or distributed in pouches on a load carriage system.

System administration

The wearable control unit (CCU) notifies the operator of all activities in the area of interest in real time.

Sensors' alarms, battery and communication status, and images are instantly sent to the Control Unit (CCU) for your personnel to make quick decisions and act effectively.

An operator can easily install, set up, and configure all Omtrex Compact sensors via the control unit (CCU) remotely.

Communication & Integration

Omtrex Compact sensors are automatically arranged into an ad hoc wireless radio network in the UHF 433 MHz band, providing stable communication and control within the system.

Miniature repeaters organize the radio network and enhance the communication range between system nodes.

All sensors' data is sent to the control receiver (CCU) in real time.

Omtrex Compact communication and integration
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